In appreciation to the NWTS participants

Over the years we have had many reasons to give thanks to our participants

You have permitted us to obtain medical records to document end stage renal disease, congestive heart failure, pulmonary problems, second tumors, many pregnancies (congratulations!), and other health related issues. In doing so you are helping us make strides towards learning more about what conditions may be related to treatment, and thus to be able to provide you and your physicians with guidelines to improve your heath care and well being.

We very much appreciate your donations which support our research and supplement our funding from the National Cancer Institute.

Thank you to everyone who have sent photographs. We have received many wonderful pictures of participants, their children, their families and of joyous events in their lives. Please keep sending these in. Seeing the faces of our participants helps us keep our mission in focus.

A final note of thanks to everyone who took time to write a personal note. We love to find out who is going to college, becoming a nurse or doctor, getting married and reports of everyday life. To those of you who write us words of appreciation and encouragement we are grateful for the sentiment and support.  

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