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General Info on WT and Its Treatment
What causes a WT? Why Does It Affect Children And Not Adults? (2006, p.4)
Treatment of WT (2002, p.5)
Facts About WT (2002, p.3)
Stages of WT (2002, p.5)
Signs of WT (2005, p.2)
The Story of Dactinomycin (2004, p.6)
The Genetics of WT (2004, p.7)

Study Concerns
Who is Eligible for the Late Effects Study? (2005, p.4)
Adult Consents (2007, p.8)
Can I Donate Blood? (2004, p.5)
Can I Be an Organ Donor? (2006, p.8)
Are There Scholarships Available for Survivors of Childhood Cancer? (2007, p.5)
May Someone Else Return My Annual Mailings? (2007, p.8)
Why am I asked a question more than once? (2006, p.6)

Pregnancy Related Articles and Questions:
Pregnancy After Abdominal RT for WT (2002, p.6)
Pregnancy After Treatment for WT (2006, p.1,2)
Why Does the NWTS Request Medical Records for Pregnancies? (2005, p.1)
Will My Diagnosis and Treatment of WT Affect My Children? (2005, p.6)
Why the NWTS Is Now Following Your Children (2006, p.5)

Know Your Diagnosis and Treatment (2002, p.2,3)
Recommendation for Follow-up After Completion of Therapy (2003, p.6)
Nutrition for the Cancer Survivor (2007, p.1,2)
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2007, p.3)
Follow-up Clinics that Specialize in Treating Survivors of Childhood Cancer (2007, p.5)
What To Do If You’re Uninsured? (2003, p.3)
Solitary Kidney and Sports Participation (2006, p.5)

Late Effects
Study of Cancer Risk in Other Family Members of WT Patients (2003, p.1,2)
Treatment Outcomes in Adults with Favorable Histology WT (2005, p.5)
Study of the Late Effects of Treatment for WT (2002, p.3)
Heart and Blood Vessel Disease after Treatment for WT (2003, p.7)
Special Considerations for Survivors of Wilms Tumor (2007, p.3)

Research takes time
Cure Rates Over Time (2002, p.2)
Why We Need To Hear Your Good New (2007, p. 4)
Your Participation in the Study Benefits Thousands (2007, p. 4)

From our Participants
Interview with Chris Bridge Co-author of Andrew’s Story (2003, p. 5)
Thank you letter from Kimberly Gower (2002, p.4)
A Celebration of Gratitude (2004, p. 8)
Eva Eaton’s Path to Parenthood (2006, p. 3)

Other Related Studies:
Reaching out, The WAGR Network (2004, p.3,4)
Minnesota Long Term Follow-Up Study (2003, p2)


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