Daniel Green, MD

Dr. Daniel M. Green was born in Seattle, but has lived most of his adult life on the East Coast. After graduating from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1969, he went to the St. Louis University School of Medicine.  He there was elected to the national honoraryDaniel Green, MD medical society, Alpha Omega Alpha, and attained his M.D. degree with honors in 1973.  His subsequent medical training took him back to Massachusetts for 5 years, first as an intern and then resident in Pediatrics at the Boston City Hospital followed by a Fellowship at the Boston Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Hematology/Oncology.

His entire career thereafter has evolved in Buffalo, New York at the Children’s Hospital and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, where he is the Professor of Pediatric Oncology.
He is a man of extraordinary energy and matchless efficiency, perhaps reflecting his MIT education.  Every minute matters.  Precision and productivity are paramount.  

An active clinician who treats children with cancer, he is also much in demand as an investigator, consultant and lecturer.  To cite one example, he lectured in 8 California institutions in 5 days as part of a program sponsored by the American Cancer Society.   Dr. Green has been elected to highly responsible positions on national and international professional societies.  These include the American Academy of Pediatrics, where he has been a member of the Executive Committee and Secretary-Treasurer; and the International Society of Pediatric Oncology where he was the re-elected Secretary General for two terms.   He has in addition served on innumerable administrative and scientific commissions and committees for organizations in Buffalo, North America, and beyond our shores. 

His contacts with the NWTS started during his time as a Fellow in Boston.  One day, Dr. D’Angio, then the NWTS Chairman, received a letter from him asking for detailed data concerning a certain sub-set of patients.  It was clear it had been written by someone with much more than a casual interest and knowledge of the issues involved.  The letter left a lasting impression, so Dr. Green was made welcome when --- years later --- he volunteered to attend Study Committee meetings.  It quickly became obvious that Dr. Green was deeply committed to answering the NWTS research questions being addressed.  In 1991, he was the clear choice to succeed Dr. D’Angio as Chairman, a post he held with dedication and total commitment for 8 years during which time the 4th and 5th NWTS clinical studies were conducted.   An important component of the 4th clinical study was based on observations concerning the efficacy of single dose chemotherapy Dr. Green made during his training years.

His association with the NWTS also gave him many opportunities to visit Seattle, the city of his birth,where the Data and Statistical Center (DSC) is located.  In addition to attending committee meetings, he often visited the DSC to work with the data.   Members of the  DSC staff have always looked forward to his visits.

Dr. Green has long been intensely interested in the late complications of successful therapy given to children with cancer.  He has written or co-authored many papers as well as a book on the subject.  As a world-recognized authority, he has organized nine of what have become internationally-famous biennial late effects conferences.

Dr. Green is a prolific author, and has published more than 200 articles, abstracts, books and book chapters during his career. These encompass the wide field of childhood cancers, not just Wilms tumor.

Dr. Green is direct in manner, tall, trim, and stays that way through regular visits to the gym to work out.   He and his wife Lydia enjoy the theater, but his abiding hobby is tracing his family’s origins in Eire.  Whenever in the vicinity of the Emerald Isle, he tries to find time to peruse county and village records, looking for entries concerning the Green family and its progenitors. One can only imagine the many adventures such a quest entails.  

A devoted family man, he never fails to find time in an extraordinarily busy schedule to participate in family outings and school affairs.  He recently drove 2500 miles in a few days.  First, he took his son to an ice hockey event in New England; from there he drove to South Carolina to help his daughter pack-up at the end of the school year before returning to Buffalo.

He is a true philanthropist, and serves on more than one board dedicated to advancing the welfare of children in the Buffalo region.  He is, moreover, a big booster of the city, and
--- as a volunteer --- devotes time and attention to the bureau responsible for promoting its image.

Dr. Green brought much to the NWTS.  His tenure as Chairman was marked by rigorous scholarship, accurate data collection, and high productivity.   Children with Wilms tumor the world over have gained as a result.

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